Personalized jewelry is one of the perfect gifts to give to someone on a special occasion, event, or for no particular reason at all. The best-personalized jewelry is that which touches the heart of the receiver with its special meaning. You can memorialize a special moment, date, or message by simply customizing a piece of jewelry that can be kept close to the heart.
At CGD JEWELLERY you can customize your jewelry design easily. A personalized gift makes the perfect timeless keepsake gift that keeps on giving. Personalized birthstone jewelry, personalized mother’s jewelry, Arabic/English writing (Pendant, Ring & Bracelet).
and other custom engraved jewelry carries a personal touch that makes for an incredibly meaningful gift. What’s more touching than personalization jewelry?
Our Work
Step By Step Order Process
Step 1
Upload your design
Step 2
We will be assessing for time duration and approx. price for making
Step 3
Order confirm and Make advance payment
Step 4
Jewellery made and final payment revised
Step 5
Complete remaining payment
Step 6
Our Services
We focus on quality and aim to achieve total customer satisfaction, both in the products we offer and in the service that follows. Our highest priority is on customizing our products. We are committed to providing what our customer wants and we provide quality and consistency at the best value. We make jewelry according to the order of our customers and deliver it within a short period of time. We also make names based on our customer’s taste. We make ornaments at 18K, 21K, etc. We also carry out the polishing of jewelry.
Our factories are located in Abu Dhabi and in Dubai. We have experienced, certified, creative, and well trained goldsmiths and workers from different parts of the world.
An overview of the processes of manufacturing jewellery
Jewelry Design
All jewelry begins with a sketch of a piece of jewelry. The design is created with variations for different stone sizes and shapes
3D computer modeling, CAD
Every piece of jewelry starts out as a simple idea, then a simple design of jewelry 3D CAD designer. Our designers express their creativity on a piece of paper, turning it into creating a professional jewelry 3D model towards transforming your concept into reality.
3D Wax
Carving wax is an excellent medium for jewelry making. Using wax models to create molds which are then filled with molten metal. This is a specialized process that allows for the rapid production of multiple units.
Select Precious metal
Select Diamond & colored stone
Stone setting
Stone is the fitting of gemstones or diamonds into the finished pieces of jewelry.
Assembling & finishing
The joining of all metals using heat. This can be done in many ways but the most usual is to use a gas-torch of some sort. We also use laser-welding in the making of jewelry.
This is effectively the last stage in production and then the finishing of jewelry has been completed.